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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    The Tasmania Tour - October 2008

    I spent a week in Tasmania recently. I only managed to visit Launceston and the east coast. The picture is one I took in the CBD of Launceston. Should be a familiar reference to those that watched Summer Heights High. Needless to say, I found "Lonnie" to be full of sex based (ie year 9) slogan graffiti.

    A Brief History of Graffiti - exhibition EXTENDED

    Hi All
    Just letting you know the graffiti exhibition has been extended to November 30.

    Same time; 530pm - late, closed Monday.


    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    A Brief History of Graffiti - The Age review

    If you didn't read, the exhibition was review in last Sunday's The Age (October 5, 2008), M lift-out.
    Obviously not a fan of graffiti, and I think thats the point. Its not about whether you like what they are doing, but what you draw from what they have written. It is meant to communicate, provoke a reaction, engage.
    Nice to be in The Age though
    and note, Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall have decided to extend the exhibition to the end of November. I have one fan at least.